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Before Freelance Sales Blueprint: things are a bit tense. You're earning some money, but not as much as you'd like. You get that awful feeling in your stomach before every sales call. You know what you're good at, but have trouble getting clients to see your value. You're not entirely sure where your next client is coming from. And you know there's something missing, but you're not quite sure what it is yet. 

After Freelance Sales Blueprint: a sense of calm sets in. You have confidence, a process, and a support system in place to sell quickly so you can move onto the good stuff - doing what you're passionate about (and getting paid well for it!). You're earning more than you need and working less than before. You're building the life you want to lead.

We call this state Freelancing Bliss.

Imagine what you can achieve with the right sales education, coaching, support, and community.

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Freelance Sales Blueprint is an exclusive course, mastermind, and community for serious freelancers

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We're in a golden age of freelancing. But there's a challenge: do you know how to sell?


I don't mean being salesy.

I mean:

  • Is freelancing supporting the life you actually want (location freedom, financial freedom, time freedom)?
  • Do you know how to get potential clients reaching out to you?
  • Can quickly build rapport with them, get them to share their business goals, and scope a $10,000+ project ... all in a 25 minute phone call?
  • Can you charge what you know you're worth on every project and turn down clients that aren't a fit for you?

If you answered "no" to those questions, this course is for you.

Anita was hesitant to join, but her expectations were "blown out of the water"


Anita had been screwed over by online courses that didn't deliver, so she was hesitant to try Freelance Sales Blueprint

She took the leap, and saw massive benefits:

  • Closed 3 new clients worth 5x the course cost
  • Earns more from freelancing than she did in a full-time job
  • Gained confidence to take control over her business and life
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Learn how to make your sales process easy and automatic so you get more freedom over your time

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From self-conscious to crushing it


When I first started chatting with Dan Stein, a freelance UX designer, he felt like he was being pushed around by clients. The endless admin and pressure tactics had him feeling low and even made him want to quit freelancing.

Using Freelance Sales Blueprint techniques, Dan was able to increase his rates on a new proposal and he felt way more confident having a process to follow on sales calls -- and this is just the beginning.

"Working with Stefan is 100% worth it"

- Dan Stein

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What you'll learn:

  • How to set up your personal website, admin systems, and 5 different technologies so you save time and look professional.
  • Step-by-step guides (with scripts!) for getting a sales call booked easily. 
  • How-to guides for running a call: building rapport, agenda setting, needs assessment, project scoping, and positioning yourself as the solution to a potential customer's problems.
  • Scripts on how to handle the tricky parts of freelance sales: pricing, talking about your prices, handling objections, and noticing red flags.
  • How to set up a proposal and contract (templates included).
  • A guide on how to turn down work in a way that won't harm your reputation (and even lead to more business down the road).
  • 15+ different organic / free strategies you can use to attract more clients (with step-by-step explainers on how to enact each strategy)

What's included:

  • 6 weeks of programming with 15+ video lessons to teach you, step-by-step, how to successfully attract - and close - great clients
  • 15+ client attraction strategies you can start using instantly to bring in new clients
  • 30+ templates, scripts, toolkits, and downloadable resources
  • Sales scripts for entire calls that you can start using immediately
  • Strategies + scripts to help you overcome objections and hurdles on your sales calls
  • Proven proposal email templates you can start using immediately to close more deals
  • In-depth guides on inbound marketing for freelancers
  • Live Q&A calls to answer any questions or provide specific advice
  • supportive community of freelancers to help you in your journey


FREE templates and downloads

($2,800+ immediate value)

  1. FREE freelance contract guide (to make sure you're paid on time + not taken advantage of) ($1,500+ value)
  2. FREE freelancer inbound funnel strategy guide ($500 value)
  3. FREE pricing strategy guide for freelancers ($250 value)
  4. FREE step-by-step set up guide for your personal website ($250 value)
  5. FREE guide on how to get testimonials ($150 value)
  6. FREE guide on how to get people to refer business to you ($150 value)


Additional freebies

($5,000+ lifetime value)

  • LIFETIME access to all course material (+ all course updates)
  • LIFETIME access to weekly live Q&A calls for expert support
  • A FREE copy of Empathetic Sales for Freelancers, the ebook system to weed out bad prospects and sell better clients, faster.
  • A FREE copy of The 50 Laws of Freelancing, the bestselling book about growing a freelance business, as part of your welcome package
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Meet Your Teacher

... freelancing was my path to freedom. Let's make sure it's yours, too.

Hi! I'm Stefan

I started freelancing by accident - someone asked me to write for them once and I said yes.

I fell in love with the time, location, and money freedom that freelancing gave me, and I was hooked.

Over the years, I built a variety of systems that helped me 4x my revenue while working about 25 hours per week. I eliminated unpaid admin work, learned how to identify (and "fire") bad clients, and how to raise my rates without my clients batting an eye. I get to live and work wherever I want while earning great money.

Now I help freelancers like you build what I call freelancing bliss: only working with ideal clients, charging what you are worth, and using freelancing to build the life of your dreams. 

I know this process works because I built it and road-tested it myself. And I know it works because I've helped other freelancers with this method - and they've had some pretty amazing results. 

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Take your freelance business to the next level with confidence

You know what you're good at
 Freelance Sales Blueprint frameworks, templates, and community
Freelancing Bliss
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Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that this course will help you achieve your dreams, I'm offering an action-based money back guarantee. 

If you join the course, do the work, and it still doesn't help you, I'll give you your money back.

- Stefan

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